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2020 Abel Vineyard Pinot Noir | Anderson Valley

The sustainably farmed Abel vineyard sits in the "Deep End" of Anderson Valley.

This vineyard is extra special to our winemaker, as he helped plant it over two decades ago from some of his favorite French clones.

This single vineyard Pinot Noir is a quintessential expression of the Deep End of the Anderson Valley.

Extreme coastal influence + ancient dried riverbeds combine to create a growing climate for excellent Pinot Noir.

Beautiful, rich fruit, fully ripened in cool, bright sun allowing low alcohol but a full body mouth feel and flavor profile.

This is our first single vineyard Pinot. It's a true expression of this specific terroir. A delicious and complex wine that will appreciate some age.

Vineyard Notes:

The light sandy well drained soils consistently produce a high-toned aromatic wine with savory earthy notes to the beet root, rhubarb, and crush red fruit flavors.

  • Planted in 1997

  • Threechops soil profile

  • Weathered shale soils with veins of iron rich clay

  • Eight massal selection clones

  • Located in the Deep End

  • Farmer: Paul Ardzrooni

Total cases produced: 112

One Wine | Two Labels

% Alc by Vol: 13.5%

Winemaker: Wells Guthrie


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